Technical training featuring a high fun factor!

Davos Nordic Davos Nordic

What is Davos Nordic Park?

A cross-country skiing course for playful technical training featuring a high fun factor! The course is set up at the Davos Cross-Country Ski Centre and is free of charge to locals and guests throughout the winter season.

The snow grouse

My name is Bianca

My great passion is cross-country skiing and I like going a little crazy. Just how varied and amusing the experience of cross-country skiing and technical training can be, I would love to show you at the approx. 12 different posts in the Davos Nordic Park. You'll see snow is a playground to go crazy.

I was drawn by cartoonist Thomas Zipfel.



Cross-country skiing centre Davos

The Davos Nordic Park is located in the heart of the Davos cross-country skiing network, right in front of the Cross-Country Ski Centre.

On the ground floor of the Cross-Country Ski Centre you will find public facilities such as a simple restaurant, a lounge, changing rooms, toilets and a wax room.

The upper floor is occupied by the national ski association Swiss Ski, where our fastest cross-country skiers train, the cross-country skiing school and the local ski club.

Parking spaces for the Cross-Country Ski Centre are available in the parking garage of a neighbouring private building.



During the FIS Cross-Country Skiing World Cup - DAVOS NORDIC in December 2016, the OC DAVOS NORDIC auctioned various pictures of well-known and successful cross-country skiers by Thomas Zipfel. The proceeds generated are now invested in a cross-country skiing park to playfully promote cross-country skiing and support young skiers.

Operating period Davos Nordic Park

from approx. 20 December - 20 March

As soon as snow conditions allow it, the DAVOS NORDIC PARK is set up and maintained both manually and mechanically during the entire winter season.